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[link this site?] Welcome to Eternally, the approved and recognized anime fanlisting for the manga series Time Stranger Kyoko (Jikuu Ihoujin Kyouko). This page is owned by Shi and part of her collective, The Honor and Blood Network.

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º 10 Aug 2017 \\ Eternally is opened for fans of Time Stranger Kyoko to join!


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This site is the fanlisting for Arina Tanemura's brainchild "magical girl" or mahou shoujo manga series Time Stranger Kyoko (Jikuu Ihoujin Kyouko). It is named after the manga's final chapter cover blurb, "Cross over time, for eternity..." The series concluded with its 13th chapter entitled For That Moment Then, and Even Now, We Are in that Strong Light. This website been online since 10 August 2017.

Time Stranger Kyoko \\ THE SERIES

Jikuu Ihoujin Kyouko (Time Stranger Kyoko) was created by the popular mangaka Arina Tanemura, who is the creator of titles such as the very famous Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and older series such as ION. Time Stranger Kyoko's first chapter was published in Ribon, a Japanese shoujo manga magazine, in September 2000 after having been introduced in one of Ribon's Summer Special issues. The series concluded the following year, after 13 chapters.

Kyoko Soumi, daughter of Earth Nation's royal family, is about to celebrate her 16th birthday and her official proclamation as Princess.However, all Kyoko wishes to be is an "ordinary" girl, not a princess with responsibilities and bodyguards. Shortly before her dreaded day arrives, the king tells her about a possibility of avoiding her fate.

The key to it all is her sister Ui, who has been sleeping since her birth and is the only possible replacement for Kyoko. Reluctantly, Kyoko soon decides to take it upon herself to awaken her sister: not only for the sake of being able to keep on leading a normal life, but also due to her wish of finally meeting her sibling. But first, she must find the method of breaking the seal under Ui's bed, which is said to have been created by the God of Time, Chronos. She will have to gather people with special abilities before this is possible, among them her love interest and protector Sakataki Jin of the Ryuuzuko (Dragon Clan) and her best friend Karen of the Hanazuko (Flower Clan).


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VERSION 1.0 \\ Tapestry

The first version of Eternally features the main character of Time Stranger Kyoko, Earth Nation's Princess Kyoko Soumi. She is holding her Time Stranger cane in this furuko (extras) artwork from the manga. I wanted to achieve an aged canvas look, hence the title Tapestry.

The layout was uploaded on 10 August 2017. It was created using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, with a good number of layers and filters. Textures from Celestial Star. HTML coded with Notepad.

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